The Message Behind May’s Gin – Don’t Bottle It Up

May’s Innovations release is one close to our hearts. This month’s product is a delicately floral and fruity contemporary London Dry Gin, but with a little more to it than it’s delicious flavour profile. The Message Behind May’s Gin – Don’t Bottle It Up!

Don’t Bottle It Up is a gin designed as a gentle excuse to break away from daily stress and worry and to take a moment to connect with close friends and open up. After some personal struggles with mental health, the team at HQ set out to use the Innovations Club as a platform to raise the important issue of meaningful conversation. Starting the conversation isn’t always easy, especially for men, but it’s time to break that stigma and recognise it’s ok to reach out. The gin itself is a symbol of hope and new beginnings and Head Distiller, Ollie, chose to focus on botanicals from the rose family as a sign of love and compassion. 

Community at heart

Originally, the concept behind Don’t Bottle It Up was to take your bottle, head over to your friends and create a safe space over a shard drink to have meaningful conversations. However the current situation doesn’t allow this, but we’ve noticed one thing, that even with enforced social distancing and isolation, communities across the world are still coming together – maybe even more so than before…

We’ve been missing contact with our members and customers and wanted to start an online community where we can all still share a drink, and our mutual appreciation for adventurous spirits and amazing cocktails. Our Virtual Bar has allowed us to share the stories behind each release, answer your questions in a more personal way than before and host live Q&A’s with our members.

Throughout May we will be hosting more virtual events around Don’t Bottle It Up Gin and openly discussing mental health, the help that is available and providing a community for anyone to join. Tune in and be part of the Batch family, pour a gin or make a brew- anyone is welcome.


This month’s dose of genius comes to you from our Head distiller Ollie, with a very personal touch.  After witnessing a huge spike in depression and poor mental health, not only locally but nationally, got him thinking. Ollie wanted to create a product that not only raised awareness for mental health but also symbolised and highlights the help that’s available.

A note from the Head Distillery

“Rose is an interesting botanical, a sign of love and compassion. In tarot a symbol of balance, new beginnings and hope. All very relevant when it comes to opening up and talking about our mental health.”

“Also keen on the CBD movement, but not a believer in being able to transfer “health benefits” across to into a spirit, I pursued another course. A fairly recent hops was discovered “Kriya” which was another source of CBD. Unfortunately I couldn’t source it, so back to the drawing board. Hops and cannabis/hemp are part of the Rosaceae genus ( The rose family), so if not these, what else? This brought a plethora of choice botanicals.”

Next up he talks relationships.

“After a period of sobriety “ish”. I had become unaccustomed to Friday night libations. This meant less discussions with friends. With the black dog looming, it was time to take charge. A couple of pints or a G&T was enough to help start the unburdening of any built up problems. The social lubricant helped to stop me bottling things up. Thursday night “ a school night” meant a sensible drink and a sensible unwind. STAY SAFE!”

This platform provided Ollie with his inspiration and he set to work creating a gin containing botanicals related to the rose family.


Angelica Root
Apricot kernel
Black  pepper
Cassia bark
Hemp seed
Nettles fresh

42% ABV

Perfect serve

We recommend you serve this moth’s gin over plenty of conversation. Be it virtual for now we want you to open up, check in on friends and use our Innovations Club to feel part of a community!

Serve Don’t Bottle It Up over ice, paired with premium Indian tonic and garnished with plum and thyme. Or try This month’s cocktail A Rose Between Two Thorns.

Let’s talk

This month some of the proceeds from Don’t Bottle It Up will be donated to Lancashire Women, who allow both women and men to access mental health services for free. Find out more about Lancashire Women.

Lancashire Women are our nominated charity for 2020. If like us, you feel the work they are doing is invaluable, you can donate here. 

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