Big Trouble!

We’re extremely excited to be introducing this month’s gin to you! Over the past year we’ve seen so many new gin flavours emerge onto the market and it’s true, Batch Innovations has also allowed us to be imaginative and inventive with the gins we’ve released. From Absinthe Gin to Halloween Potion we take great pleasure in bringing you spirits that really are the first of their kind! We love the challenge of taking unique flavours and balancing them with juniper to deliver proper gins. And this month that’s exactly what you’re getting – a proper gin! We’ve stripped back the botanicals to deliver one quaffable London Dry.

Big Trouble Gin

Big Trouble Gin takes us back to our roots, paying homage to the days when we produced Batch Signature Gin from the basement of our Distiller’s house. This gin is inspired by Shih Tzu, Lo Pan. The distillery dog would scratch at the floorboards from above to notify his master that the stills had reached temperature and the gin was ready to ‘spit out’.

Our distillery pup is named after the character Lo Pan, from the movie Big Trouble in Little China. His master (our Head Distiller, Ollie) lovingly explains that Lo Pan is definitely big trouble for such a small Chinese breed. And there you have it, Big Trouble Gin was born.

Lo Pan, big trouble you ask?

The cheeky pup has been part of the Batch family from day one. Playing supervisor whilst having the basement converted into a distillery, he’d be lovingly getting under the builders feet at every opportunity.

The High Sheriff of Lancashire at the time, Amanda Parker, officially ‘opened’ the distillery in October 2015, along with a number of other visitors including reporters. As we gathered for a speech made by Batch Director, Phil, Lo Pan couldn’t help but get a little over-excited with his favourite teddy – amusing every person there. Emma, our Distiller at the time, says: “Myself and Phil were beyond embarrassed so made the executive decision to divert everyone down the to the distillery! Luckily the High Sheriff was thoroughly amused and has dogs herself so wasn’t surprised by Lo Pan’s sudden outburst of energy”!

Not always causing big trouble, Lo Pan soon became the Batch mascot and was a regular at the Bridge Bier Huis, who’ve supported Batch from the beginning. During our first export order to Italy Emma had to sit out with pallets until they were collected. Lo Pan, provider of excellent dog snuggles, sat to attention and waited for 3 hours until the courier collected the gin. His payment?… Back scratches!

What’s in this month’s Gin?

Some of our favourite botanicals! We’ve stripped this months spirit right back and allowed the juniper to do the talking. Carefully balanced with the likes of lemon balm, orange peel and of course our signature botanicals, frankincense and myrrh this is a contemporary London Dry Gin. Balanced with just the right amount of subtle spice and juicy citrus it’s deliciously delectable. A fresh, juniper forward gin.

Head Distiller Ollie says:

“This month’s gin has allowed us to lovingly share part of the Batch history. Lo Pan is a key part of that and most definitely the inspiration behind Big Trouble Gin. This month’s gin is such an easy-drinker at 44%. Sip it with a classic Indian Tonic and garnish with a wedge of lime and it’ll soon become your session gin – so tasty we just hope it doesn’t land you in big trouble” 😉