Jasmine Gin Iced Tea

Jasmine Tea is the seventh addition to the Batch Innovations range(our monthly spirits club) and the perfect gin for the summer months. With an abundance of summer blossoms on the nose, this is a deliciously fragrant gin with a soft, lingering sweetness. 

Distilled with jasmine tea, rose, yerba mate and matcha, Jasmine Tea is a floral gin. It works well when paired with elderflower tonic, floral lemonades or in this delicious iced tea recipe. 

To make

  • 50ml Jasmine Tea Gin
  • Peach iced tea (you can make your own by brewing tea, cooling, and adding a peach sugar syrup. Or you can pick up a bottle of peach iced tea in most stores/supermarkets.)
  • Fresh peaches
  • Fresh mint
  • Ice

If you’re having a go at making your own peach iced tea, start by dissolving sugar in water and sliced peaches, over a gentle heat. Cool and steep before straining. Brew the tea and cool before combining with the syrup.
Add the ice and gin to a glass, followed by the fruit. Top up with peach iced tea and enjoy!