Guess who’s back?

July’s Innovation is well and truly in the limelight! Now summer’s finally here, we’ve got something refreshing and bursting with citrus to quench your thirst. 

Our back catalogue of Innovations spirits has been heavily celebrated and we get so many requests to bring back your favourites! This month we listened and have brought back our much loved Lime Leaf Gin.

A firm favourite

Since its release in April 2018, there’s been a buzz about this gin. It is inspired by our love for travel, vibrant Thai flavours and exotic botanicals. Lime Leaf Gin is a Thai twist on a contemporary London Dry Gin – crisp and refreshing, bursting with citrus notes. A moreish gin showcasing a fusion of cultures. 

We’ve introduced botanicals such as lime leaf, galangal, jasmine, lemongrass and orange peel, balanced with the spice of our signature botanicals. This results in a fresh powerful aroma and bursting citrus notes on the palate.

This release of Lime Leaf Gin was the first EVER run distilled on our new Genio still, named Ramona. We have redeveloped the recipe, spending many hours tweaking and taste-testing, to get the same delicious Lime Leaf flavour.

A note from the Distiller

This time round it was our Junior Distiller, Ryan, who worked on the botanical mix to ensure the correct flavour profile for Lime Leaf Gin. Balancing a juniper forward gin with lots of juicy citrus, it took Ryan a few runs to perfect this recipe.  

“I’ve ramped up the citrus to deliver that same punchy Lime Leaf flavour you all know and love. At first, my challenge was to learn how to use Ramona properly. It took me a while to get that smooth Batch finish but I really enjoyed the challenge and working under pressure at times”.

What makes lime leaf?

Lime leaf, allspice berries, angelica, cardamom, cassia, cloves, coriander, frankincense, galangal, jasmine, juniper, lemongrass, myrrh, orange.

Recipe attempts 


Perfect serve 

Pair with Indian Tonic water and garnish with hibiscus petals or fresh chilli and a wedge of lime. Or try Lime Leaf Gin in this cocktail

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