Year of the Ox

The Third release of Buddha’s Hand Gin celebrates the Year of the Ox and is especially distilled for February’s gin only Innovations Club members. Originally distilled as our first ever Innovations release in January 2018. Since then Buddha’s Hand has been highly sought after and was awarded a Bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018.

This time round Junior Distiller Ryan has produced Buddha’s Hand on our large still Ramona, upscaling the recipe from the small T500 stills. As February’s brand new Innovations release is Broken Biscuit Rum we have distilled the ever popular Buddha’s Hand Gin to send to our Club members who are on a gin only membership. It’s also available in the webshop as a Club member exclusive. 

Buddha’s Hand is an exploration of Chinese flavours, with distinct botanicals such as sichuan pepper, galangal and star anise, balanced with traditional gin botanicals. The addition of buddha’s hand complements this gin’s bold aromatic notes, with juicy citrus.


Each version of  Buddha’s Hand Gin has had a label redesign by Lady Jane, our in house Graphic Designer with this latest label paying homage t0 the year of the Ox. Buddha’s Hand is an exploration of Chinese botanicals and this third release will sit beside the Chinese New Year, which will fall on Friday 12th of February. The ox denotes the hard work, positivity and honesty. Red and Gold are colours synonymous with Chinese New Year. Red is a symbol of prosperity, luck and happiness and gold is considered the most beautiful color. The symbol to the left of the hand means prosperity and the one to the right means double happiness.

Botanical list

Buddha’s hand
Sichuan pepper
Star anise

Perfect serve

Over ice, with premium Indian tonic and garnished with a slice of grapefruit. Or our Buddha’s Hand cocktail, the Path To Enlightenment

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