Garam Masala: The Export Edition

Grab your passport because we’re taking your tastebuds on a journey! We recently sent 10 pallets of Garam Masala Gin to India. Our Indian buyers were that impressed with the blend of flavours we’ve made into a gin, we thought it was the perfect time to showcase Garam Masala to you, our gin clubbers.

Back in 2022, Director, Phil took a trip to India with the Department for International trade. Armed with Garam Masala Gin and ready to share our story, the trade mission was a huge success. After a series of follow up meetings, once Phil was back in the UK, we eventually partnered with Tandon Enterprises – an Indian importer. With an exclusive deal in place, Ryan and the team set to work distilling and bottling over 5,500 litres of gin! The order kept us busy and with a buzz about the place we were both thrilled and relived when it finally left for Indian shores. The journey took over 40 days to reach its final destination and it’s always a pinch me moment to think our gin made in Burnley will be available to buy abroad!

An esteemed offering in our collection, with a Silver San Francisco World Spirits Competition medal, Garam is warming, fragrant and packed full of flavour. Its aromatic profile bursts into life with a drop of tonic and if you search our blog history you’ll find a Spiced Mango cocktail or some former recommended serves. This month however, we’re bringing you something fresh for the new year:

We’re all over Wet January at HQ – the only thing guaranteed to be dry is our gin, and we will definitely be sipping this one to warm the cockles. Guaranteed to spice up your life, Garam Masala Gin includes a blend of spices: tamarind, fenugreek and bay leaf are combined with traditional gin botanicals that we actually use quite a lot. It’s no surprise that this gin is fragrant and full of flavour. Subtle heat and an earthy sweetness balance well with the gentle warmth that comes across in this gin.