July’s Member of the Month

Kirsty and Paul had the fun of being July’s Innovations Club members of the Month. Getting an early and mystery sample of Mocha Gin, they blind-tasted it and then developed different serves. “Cola is a must for this gin… with a slice of orange, save your tonic for the Industrial Strength Gin” 

Tasting notes

We asked Kirsty and Paul to feed back their tasting notes, they describe this secrete gin sample as having an orangey hit on the nose, caramel and toffee on the palate with a coffee finish.


“Everything about it shouts Expresso Martini” Kirsty and Paul’s recipe is…

Equal measures of  the (Mocha) gin, Triple Sec, Kahlua, espresso and a good pinch of salt. Shake well with lots of ice. Garnish with coffee beans and a twist of orange peel.