Just The Ticket Gin

We’re thrilled to introduce March’s Innovations Club release, Just the Ticket Gin. A crisp London Dry with a savoury, floral aroma and fruity undertones on the palate, balanced with mouth-watering citrus and piney juniper.


Just The Ticket Gin is an ode to Ollie! Crafted with fond memories of our former Head Distiller, who has now moved onto a new career path. With an extraordinary palate, creative flair, attention to detail and relentless perfectionism – it now seems obvious that he would distil award-winning spirits at Batch HQ. He played a big role in the origins of Batch, as Signature Gin was first put into production in the basement of Ollie’s house in Burnley.   

During his time at Batch Ollie has distilled a long list of outstanding products. Industrial Strength Gin, which he nailed on the first recipe attempt, went on to be awarded Double Gold and Best Gin at San Francisco World Spirits Competition. He’s perfected gins, rums, vodkas, botanical blends and a whisky. From perfectly balanced London Dries to out of the box, jam packed with flavour recipes, he’s hand crafted a favourite for everyone. Ollie guided and mentored Ryan through is apprenticeship and as Junior Distiller and has taught everyone at Batch plenty along the way.

Needing a change of scene, wanting to get out and about and incorporate some exercise into his work life, Ollie recently started a new job as a traffic warden. An odd change of vocation you might think? Ollie is a stickler for the rules, enjoys the black and white matter of fact, and never shies away from confrontation. All the qualities essential for a good traffic warden. It’s no surprise Ollie is thoroughly enjoying is time on the beat, though he hasn’t forgotten about his Batch family and still calls into HQ for a brew.

A change in career was Just The Ticket for Ollie. To celebrate his new start, Ryan, who has taken the rains, has distilled a crisp London Dry Gin. The perfect gin to symbolise fresh beginnings.


Coriander seed
All spice
Orange peel
Lemon peel
Rose petal
Dried lemongrass


The label for just the ticket features a portrait of Ollie beaming amid the grey northern skyline of Salford. Artist Bodie Cameron took on the challenge of portraying Ollie the traffic warden. We think the style is spot on, and the resemblance is uncanny!

Perfect serve
We recommend you serve Just The Ticket Gin over ice, with Indian Tonic and a slice of orange.
Or try March’s Member of the Month serve! Club member Sue got to test drive Just The Ticket Gin and has developed serve for you to try.

In keeping with Ollie’s new career, we have simple but effective cocktail for March – The Gin Sidecar.

You will need:
45ml Just The Ticket Gin
30ml Triple Sec
30ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice
7.5ml Sugar syrup
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

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